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St Peter
Apparently, religious leaders and other theology students all agree that among the most celebrated and well known apostle is Peter. The fame of this disciple is attributed to the miraculously and wonderful deeds that he performed during his time that in one way exposed his selflessness in serving Christ.
Leader of the Apostles
During his time, Paul was the head of all the other disciples that of Jesus. His leadership resulted from the strong attachment that Peter had in spreading the gospel and his close nature with the messiah. In addition to that, it is Peter who took over the role of Judas after his death when the latter had betrayed Jesus. Finally on his role as a leader, Peter is the apostle who is known to have been the first disciple to perform miracles. In fact, at one time he walked on water after seeing Jesus do exactly that.
Christians indeed celebrate St. Peter as an apostle who was dedicated in fulfilling the intended mission. This is evidenced by the numerous celebrations that are held in remembrance of the wonderful deeds of this apostle. Some of the celebrations include the feast day held on June 29th and also the honor given to him on February 22nd. Also, Peter is considered as an elder and a knowledgeable man holding the record of writing nine books in the Bible which is not a small achievement (Gessert 140).
Peter was Faithful
Peter is well…

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