Personality tests and their validity and reliability

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Personality tests and their validity and reliability

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Biological inheritance is passing off traits from parental organism to offspring. Inheritance is governed by genes which determine an individual’s behaviour and traits. In human beings genetics and evolutionary theory are responsible for human being’s personal traits and behaviour. For instance, there is a correlation between addiction, skin color, disease disorders and genetics. Genetics and the progressive evolution that occurs in the environment are responsible for behaviors and personality. Personality is defined as individual difference among human beings in emotions, physical characteristics, behaviour patterns and emotions. Evolutionary theory and genetics are responsible for determining personality. Therefore, are certain behaviors and physical characteristics inheritable and common among certain races and ethnicities?
Literature Review
According to Buss (2009), evolutionary processes have not only the sculpted human body but also the brain, the behaviour and psychological mechanisms in human beings. The mechanisms are hypothesized as adaptations that contribute to personality, survival and inheritance of behaviour. The mechanisms are based on Darwin’s concept of sexual selection and natural selection. The concepts have great heuristic value in the behaviour and personality of human beings. In addition to that, Buss (2009), insists that evolutionary development psychology is useful …

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