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Personal narritave

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Personal Narrative
We all get to go through ups and downs in life and most cases, our friends and family are the ones who pick us up and motivate us back to our former selves. My childhood life like everyone else has been all about school, class, partying, jumping into one relationship after the other and being a son to my parents. Averagely, I have experienced most that life has to offer to a teenage boy. I live with my parents and I am always in the company of my best friend, Collins. There is no time that the two of us went to school alone. It became a norm until my mum would call me downstairs to meet up with John when he walked out of their house. My parents and best friend are the best things that have happened in my life as they have both been there for me both in good and difficult times.
I was always a sick child, and it was a norm to find my mother in the hospital week after week. At the age of six, I finally learned that I was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and my immunity was quite low to fight most of the diseases. Besides, my father was there for us and he was strong enough to work all day and keep my mother in the hospital after work.
There was no single day I remember when my parents ever gave up on me and today, they still care and move me around in my wheelchair after I was involved in the accident few meters from our home. It was almost impossible for me to get over the fact that I was not going to walk again, …

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