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Personal life experience

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Most Memorable Thanksgiving Dinner
Despite the fact it was a few years ago, I still reminisce my first thanksgiving dinner. The year was 2010 and I was barely eight years old. I had never attended a thanksgiving dinner before. The closest I had to attend that kind of occasion was through watching movies and listening to stories from my friends. Earlier in November of that year, my mother promised to take us to our grandparents’ home in the countryside for thanksgiving. I was very thrilled as I ardently waited for that day to arrive. Days flew by and the day finally arrived. We woke up early in the morning and started getting ready for a long journey to the countryside. It was a chilly day, but that could not cool down the excitement I had. We began our journey at around 10 o’clock in the morning. It was quite a long drive and at around quarter past eight in the evening, we arrived at my grandparent’s home.
My grandparents cordially welcomed us into their house. Once we entered the old wooden house, a medley of sweet aromas filled the air and I began salivating in readiness for the meal. The mood was lively and everyone was smiling as we headed to the dinner table and I could feel the spirit of thanksgiving already. The dinner table was stylishly decorated and we really felt welcomed. The turkey was positioned on the center of the table and it was surrounded by platters of food. Generally, during family dinners I had gotten used to the system of courses where a…

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