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How the Community perception on Woman Appearance control and hinder Their Freedom of Expression
In my opinion, the perception of the community on the appearance of woman hinder and control her freedom of expression. For example, there is various form of violence experienced by women during the pregnancy period, some of this violence threaten the psychological as well as physical health of women thus controlling and hindering they freedom of expression. Some of the cultural types of violence experience are said to be harmful, for example, the pressure they experience to give birth to a boy child, food denial, and some of the pregnant women are forced to some of the kind of physical work which some time is considered difficult for them (Salter et al,411). As a result, this kind of hard work may leave girls somehow vulnerable particularly to domestic violence in their families. However, in some cases where the culture violence is endured, normalized and still the reconciliation of the family is promoted above the health of the individual is said to be perceived and may force the women to bear as well as accept the circumstances ( NP)
However, in some cases, women are empowered by some of the organization like UNHCR and are not affected by the social norms which reinforce some kind of violence to women. Thus women are not hindered from seeking any kind of help from any support services. This…

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