Pathogen research project

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Pathogen research project

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Pathogen research project
Pathogen refers to anything that causes disease. The term describes infectious agents like virus, fungus, insects, bacteria, and worms among others. These agents interrupt the normal biology of multicellular plants and animals. However, pathogens are also capable of affecting the unicellular organisms. There are various pathways through which pathogens enter the host’s body, (Cash 5). The human body comprises of natural defense systems against common pathogens. These systems include the human immune as well as “helpful” bacteria. Some pathogens are known to cause massive casualties and effects on the victims. Today as medical advances in the form of vaccines, fungicides, and antibiotics are used to guard against infection, pathogens keep threatening human lives. Social advances like water treatment and hygiene have cut down threats from pathogens.
The HIV virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) causes HIV Infection. It also causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) over time. The HIV virus thrives best in moist environment9body fluids) inside the host’s body. The virus can also persist for hours or days in a moist surrounding outside the body. The HIV life cycle comprises of seven stages. The first stage is binding whereby the HIV attaches itself the sensory receptors on the opening of CD 4 cell. The second stage is fusion whereby the CD 4 cell membrane and HIV envelope join together. The third stage…

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