Paris Attacks

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Paris Attacks

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Personally, I am always concerned about whatever happens to me and my immediate environment. The sophisticated nature of the current society has made life quite unpredictable. A lot of things happen which change my perception towards life in general. One of the most memorable events is the November 2015 Paris Attacks.
The attack on Paris on the night of November 13, 2015 impacted on me. Although this was an attack on France, its consequences were felt by the French and international community. The bold decision by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) traumatized everyone. The attack had personal effects on me because it taught me that insecurity is a global issue. All along, I have been assuming developed nations like France can not be threatened by terrorist attacks. However, now I know that terrorism is a very serious problem in every country. It is not a reserve for the less developed countries, but can extend to such established nations at any time.
Actually, I was traumatized when is heard about the death of 130 people along side the injury of 368 more. It was more painful to me because such many innocent lives had to be lost because of the evil acts of the ISIL terrorists (Elgot; Phipps & Bucks, 2015). As a protector of human life, I do not like to see people suffer because of the sins or mistakes they have not committed. The event should be used as a lesson by the authorities to beef up security and intensify counter-terrorist war in all the corners of t…

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