Parent’s remark (essay) aligned with School’s Statement of Purpose

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Parent’s remark (essay) aligned with School’s Statement of Purpose

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Parent’s Remark Statement of Purpose
From the time he was a small boy, my son has been dreaming about joining St. Mark’s School of Texas. The fact that my son is a nine-year-old and a hardworking student who has managed to show exemplary results in previous classes confirms his competitiveness. His character qualifies him to join the school and therefore use the resources and help from the teachers to nurture his academic skills. He has shown good records in school as evident by how he emerged the top student in mathematics competition. He has also managed to maintain grade A in mathematics in school. This shows that when he gets additional guidance from teachers, he will do well in other subjects too and hence achieve high GPA.
My son is curious a characteristic that makes him eager and willing to learn. He enjoys learning new concepts and expands his knowledge base. He asks questions which are not only in classwork but also revolve around real-world events. He argues with respect and also express his ideas on particular issues clearly and substantially. He does not give up when he is pursuing knowledge. The efforts that he puts enable him to achieve his goals. This is seen in how he loves mathematics and has employed all ethical means to ensure that he achieve excellence.
Despite his young age, my son holds that he would like to open a business when he completes his education. He is enthusiastic a…

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