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Parental adjustment is multifaceted and is inclusive of the common good and particular aspects that are connected to the newly acquired responsibilities of parents. During this adjustment, mothers are at a higher risk of getting depressed although some fathers also develop postnatal depression. The stress that results from parenting arises due to the parents manipulating and being caught with the new roles and responsibility, or by the connection with the child. Essentially, parental adjustments have an impact on the child’s development especially teenagers in high school. This stage of development is precarious and often leaves parents feeling isolated and alone due to the newly-found freedom (Kerr, Margaret, Stattin, and Özdemir 1540). The teenagers tend to look up to peers and adults outside the family for guidance on how to behave. However, parents remain relevant in their development especially dealing with the teenagers who are rebellious and consistently pushing their limits. For example, based on the interview, the parents experienced low parental efficacy which led to anxiety and helplessness when faced with difficulties or ambiguous situations with their children.
The parents also experienced high levels of stress and depression which interfered with their parenting, and this is linked to unpleasant behavioral problems in high school teenager. Moreover, the parents in the interview were able to form secure affections wi…

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