paranormal phenomena

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paranormal phenomena

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Religion and Paranormal Phenomena
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According to existing data, the majority of the American population, believes in paranormal phenomena. (Irwin, 1993). How, and what they believe has been subject to a myriad of speculations with the passing of the years. Most of the speculations regarding the subject have been on the grounds of parapsychological investigation and empirical assessment. Despite the investigations, scientists and skeptical have yet to find the real causes around paranormal phenomena. There are a few types of alleged psychic abilities related to paranormal, religious experiences. For instance, extra-sensory perception, which is the capacity to receive information via channels of communication that are not seen, nor scientifically recognized (Wiseman & Watt, 2006). A popular culture example of extra-sensory perception can be found in possessions and exorcisms. Where a person is affected by an unknown force and starts to act according that entity’s wishes, unable to control its actions. When a person is possessed, it offers people information the person would not know and speaks in tongues unknown to the possessed person. Extra-sensory perception includes clairvoyance; telepathy, and precognition (Wiseman & Watt, 2006). In the same way, religious paranormal experiences could rarely include psychokinesis, which refers to the ability to influence on external devices without biological means. An exa…

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