Overcoming Challenges

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Overcoming Challenges

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Overcoming Challenges
In many occasions, people perceive challenging tasks to be monumental as well as impossible until they are done. Learning how to read coherently was a monumental task to me during my kindergarten days. I was disruptive and at times a destructive child who did not respond to guidance like the rest of the kids due to my ADD condition. However, over the years, I have learned to appreciate and view ADD not as a behavioural disorder but as a unique and different way of learning and that was the enduring challenge I had to overcome for a significant period.
In my early years of schooling, I failed to gain proficiency in reading and my parents made me repeat one class for fear that I had not attained the competence require to attain academic success. I felt frustrated by my parent’s initiative due to the fact that all classmates were now ahead of me and I felt that I was not smart enough to execute meaningful tasks like the vital skill of reading. I kept asking myself how I could contribute actively to the society if I could not master the art of reading. Notably, I was also discouraged by the various aptitude tests that evaluated my potential and ability.
Despite Math being my biggest hurdle, I consistently sought to learn new techniques including working on a blackboard to break down the problems, utilizing flashcards and acquiring better studying strategies. Moreover, I have been keen on time ma…

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