Our Catholic and Holy Cross Heritage

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Our Catholic and Holy Cross Heritage

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The Catholic and Holy Cross Heritage
Stonehill College located in Easton, Massachusetts is associated with an impressive Catholic and the Holy Cross Heritage. The college was founded in 1948 by the Congregation of Holy Cross. The most important item that makes the college be considered by its members is the manner in which the institution fills student’s curriculum with Catholic content. This affirms knowledge in the Almighty’s plan, the role of education does not just revolve around facts, rather, it prepares the soul, which is a manifestation of different combinations of will and intellect that shall serve one for eternity. Receiving education from the perspective discussed above is very important. The Catholic institution provides a richness of culture, and in a given perspective, the catholic art and architecture, the saints, stories, and the achievements of Catholics in science, technology throughout history seem specially connected to each within the institution.
A combination of all these factors constitute important gifts from a Faith, and these are the same Faith that has served as a source of inspiration and creativity to other Catholic students in the school who were years ahead of the current lot. Indeed, these items that make other people rejoice and desire to obtain as much knowledge as possible about them, as they are essentially part of the entire community, and part of what the Faith has provi…

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