othello as a tragic hero

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othello as a tragic hero

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Othello As a Tragic Hero
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A tragic hero who is the character of this story which is having a hard fall from the grace. The tragic hero who is the character and who has all going for her or him, however, he or she has a flaw that will spark their fall. Due to pride or hubris the heroic appeal, realizes her or his unfortunate error too late to change. Othello who is a solder and a military general and who is appreciated and respected by all the regime and most if not all of the individuals in his community in Italia. On the other hand, Iago is the nemesis or antagonist who is working contrary to Othello. Due to Iago’s vengeful and envious personality, he builds the fall of Othello. This is shown when Iago says “I am not what I am.” Iago dislikes Othello since Othello has endorsed Cassio as an alternative of himself (Campbell, L. B., 2013). Then and there, Roderigo also hates Othello as he has an affection of Desdemona, Othello’s wife. In conclusion, Brabantio who is Desdemona’s legit father dislikes Othello for wedding his beloved daughter without seeking permission from him. Despite Othello’s courageous leadership, he is tainted by Roderigo’s, Brabantio’s and Iago’s feelings on Othello’s national origin and race. Keep on notice Othello who is from North African and is a Moor. “Look to her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to see: / She has deceived her father, and may thee.” Brabantio said. He has achieved a lot and is the one and…

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