Old media & New media

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Old media & New media

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Argumentative essay on old and new media.
Remediation in media is a term used to refer to the representation or incorporation of one medium into another. According to this theory of digital media, it is always remedying the deficient of old media. This theory claims that all digital media are interrelated with other forms of media and cannot exist on its own. Thus it does not present a new form of media, but it is an improvement of the old media.
In a talk by Marshall McLuhan, he acknowledges that books were no longer the leader in his research on the effect of thought and behavior as a result of mass media (McLuhan). He argued that the world was turning in a “global village” due to the existence of new gadgets. His theory has proven to be true. People all over the world can interact on an individual level through the internet. People are more interconnected than ever before. Pop events have more followers online through online platforms (McLuhan & Eric 67). A better understanding of digital media can explain how mass media and popular art, in this dynamic world.
Marshall emphasized the importance of medium rather than content (Esslin & Martin 34). According to him, both old and digital media bring effect to society through its medium and not the content put forward by broadcast. The major difference in the two media is the size of the crowd that each medium can attend to (Jenkins 102). New media had the capability of reaching peo…

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