Ocean Pollution

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Ocean Pollution

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Ocean pollution occurs when excess harmful materials or particles contaminate water in an ocean. These harmful materials may include oil, chemicals, plastics, and sewage, among others. They often bring about harmful effects on marine life and human beings that use the water for different purposes. Often, ocean pollutants emanate from land but, they may also come from marine transport in the ocean (Goel 2). Ocean pollution from land arises when human beings dump waste materials near water bodies. These materials are swept off by the water thus greatly spreading in the water. Also, sometimes rainwater may wash away nitrogenous chemicals toward the water bodies (Hofer 10). This paper examines the ways in which the United States of America, China, and Indonesia have managed to deal with ocean pollution.

In the USA, there have been various solutions proposed to curb ocean pollution. It is salient that most industries are the greatest sources of water pollution. For this reason, the US government advocated for the instigation of harsh policies on industrial and manufacturing processes. In point of fact, the government has prohibited potential business people from situating industries near water bodies. Additionally, industries have been prohibited from emptying their waste material in water bodies. The USA also created a great emphasis on recycling processes. As prior mentioned, plastics are among the harmful material that may cause marine pollution. For this reason, the US advoca…

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