Nonverbal communication Challenges

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Nonverbal communication Challenges

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Nonverbal Communication Challenges
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Nonverbal communication is a significant tool in conveying messages from one person to another. It includes the use of signals, gestures and body movements. Nonverbal cues are varied, and they are used to communicate different information. This paper analyses some of the challenges that arise in the use of nonverbal communication. They include cultural differences and lack of future reference. Highlighting these issues helps to show the loopholes that a person using nonverbal communication should avoid.
Moreover, the article discusses how the challenges posed by the use of nonverbal cues can hinder effective communication. It also evaluates a plan that can be used to overcome the challenges and the use of nonverbal cues an effective tool of communication. The plan suggests that other communication tools should complement nonverbal cues. It also emphasizes the need to study and understand the different use of gestures, signals and body movements among various cultures due to the dynamic nature of nonverbal communication.
Keywords: Nonverbal, communication, cues, effective, plan

Nonverbal Communication Challenges
Experiences in communication expose a person to various challenges and particularly in regards to nonverbal communication. Non-verbal communication includes the use of gestures and body movements to convey messages. One major challenge in the use of nonverbal communicat…

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