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needfor weed

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Need for Weed
Lee, Chris, “The Need for Weed,” Men’s Fitness, (April 2017). Print
Chris Lee in his article The Need for Weed writes the column because of the increasing use of marijuana among the athletes as a pain reliever. He supports his arguments using science as marijuana has been tested not to influence performance. However, there is some contrast with what users say about it as most confess to having mental and physical benefits. Despite this, pro athletes and players who use cannabis product acknowledge they mainly use it as a pain reliever such as chronic hip pain and back pain. Some of the proponents for the need for legalizing weed in athletes and games are coaches, players who have outstanding records, and doctors for cannabis regulation. This makes the matter a sensitive issue that one cannot ignore. Countries such as Columbia have enacted policies legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. There is also increasing support for legalizing of pot, especially from an elite athlete. These factors add weight to the issue, which is still a topic of discussion. Despite all its benefits, marijuana has been found to accelerate muscle fatigue, cause short-term memory impairment, reduce alertness, raise the risk of heart attack and limit lung capacity (Fischer pg. 102).
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