Natural Selection.

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Natural Selection.

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Natural Selection
Charles Darwin postulated the theory of natural selection as part of his evolution theory (Bortz 8). According to Darwin, variation existed among a population to ensure the survival of the offspring. Additionally, natural section occurred as the organisms evolved as their surrounding environment changed. In some cases, the variation occurred due to mutations that were passed from filial offspring to the second generation of the offspring (Bortz 60). Natural selection was observed in birds as the food supply or change in nutrition changed. Thus, birds, despite being from the same species, have different types of beaks which are adapted to the kind of food they consume (Marchetti and Moyle 29).
Over the years, birds’ beaks could affect their survival in the sense that, for instance, birds with long beaks were not well suited to eat nuts. Thus, if nuts were plenty, birds with more extended and weaker beaks would die due to lack of proper nourishment or in some cases change their feeding habits. On the other hand, birds that had stronger and shorter beaks were well adapted of cracking the nuts. In instances where sunflower seeds developed harder shells, the birds with more shorter and stronger beaks would be well suited to break and feed on the seeds while in cases where insects hid deeper in tree barks, birds with longer beaks could reach and eat the insects (Marchetti and Moyle 29). Thus, the act…

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