Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass

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Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass

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Experience in slavery
Fredrick Douglass has a deeper understanding of a slave’s experience from the fact that he was a slave. He provides a first-person perspective on the life of a slave. He gained insight into slavery from experience thus he knows the evils resulting from slavery. As a result, he has numerous good reasons to support its abolishment (Levine 333). On the other hand, Theodore Canot who was an Italian adventurer has a different perspective on slaves. Canot was a slave trader based in West Africa and America. The baseline of their beliefs and actions is tied on their life’s experience; one as a slave and the other as a slave trader. For the trader, he has a good experience since the business benefits him while for the slave, he has a rough experience that makes him fight toward abolishing slavery.
Fredrick believes that the major reason why slavery should end is that it dehumanizes not only the master but also the slaves. He claims slavery corrupts the labor system to the point that slaves are harshly mistreated compared to animals. He asserts that masters to the slaves justify their action from the self-serving believe that slaves are meant to be treated in such a manner. Therefore, they exercise cruelty and egoism for their purpose to be served. Douglas believes in equality in that slaves are not lesser human beings. For this reason, he fought against the injustice caused through slavery. On the other hand, …

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