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Movie review:3 idiots
3 Idiots is an Indian comic drama film revolving around three companions — Farhan, Rancho, and Raju who were taking up a course in Engineering in one of the best colleges in India. Their excursion was made on account of intriguing identities like Chatur, Prof Viru and Pia. Prof. Viru has marked the three companions as dummies (however they were not by any means idiots).
The film is a very consistent and symbolic movie. It highlights the main character changes and transformation. Bolstered by the actor’s prowess in the profession, it does so well in bringing out the aspects of friendliness and importance of relationships. Aamir Khan (Rancho) who is the key actor is at the center of these relationships whereas Virus, the school principal, is one of the symbols that represent modern-day educational slavery.
Also, Chatur, the intelligent boy who was in constant competition represents the struggles of modern day students to go according to the educational system and impress. On the other hand, Rancho insists on innovativeness and following your passion.
There is a lot that can be learned from the movie. On education, Rancho trusts that by changing the educational framework, we can change the world. He believes that by changing the instructive framework, we can change the world in a positive way.
Rancho additionally scrutinized the reviewing framework. He said that evaluations make a partition — A Graders = Masters and C …

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