Mother and Father

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Mother and Father

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Mother and Father
Parents often have different characteristics, as well as similar personalities and behaviors. Most often mothers appear more ordinary in embracing insolences of sincerity and comprehend them. Mothers have a more inclusive influence while on the other hand, fathers cover a wide variety of roles but touch on them lightly (Pelchat, Diane, Hélène, and Michel 236). In this paper, I will compare and contrast my father and mother concerning their personalities, hobbies, and communications.
The apparent difference is in their personality is that my mother is outgoing and talkative. This is in contrast to my dad who does not talk too much and prefers keeping quiet and making fewer comments. Secondly, my dad is open-minded and does not ask many questions about my activities and decisions. On the other hand, my mother is interested in and interferes with every event I do. Thirdly, just as my dad is talented in playing golf, as well as, my mom enjoys playing golf as her hobby. Nonetheless, they wear different styles during the game. My mother loves bright colored clothes, unlike dad, who loves dull wearing outfits.
The fourth difference is that when eating traditional foods, my dad loves spicy food with red pepper which is so different from my mother who loves eating sweet foods like sugary pumpkin and cake. Another difference is that while my mum believes that music is essential and encourages me to play the vi…

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