Most important Colonial product: Tobacco, Timber, or Alcohol

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Most important Colonial product: Tobacco, Timber, or Alcohol

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Most important colonial product: tobacco, timber, or alcohol
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The main important products of the colonial times were tobacco, timber, and alcohol, even though they vary in their levels of importance and the value attached to them by the colonial governments. Not only did the products help with the running of the economies of the colonies, but some of the also assisted with the provision of better living conditions and were used during social occasions.
The colonies under the rule of the British entered an agreement to provide the colonial power with an endless supply of natural resources even though the colonies was restricted from producing or trading in the resources outside of the agreement. With the increase in the need for tobacco in England and the requirement for additional supplies increased in the colonies, the colonial powers were in a position to fairly for products from Britain without the concern of the shortage of the products. Consequently, by stipulation, tobacco became the most important trade item in England.
Other than using the tobacco currency for the purpose of buying goods, it was additionally used for the settlement of penalties and taxes. For instance, proponents of Negro organizations were penalized a thousand pounds of tobacco, settlers permitting Negroes to ride horses were penalized 500 pounds of tobacco; in case an individual wanted to tie the knot they would visit a rector of his neighb…

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