Mortuary Science

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Mortuary Science

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Mortuary Science
We live in a society where each day is an adventure. Sometimes circumstances arise that are beyond our control, and without warning or announcement, such as incurable illnesses and natural calamities or disasters. While most people often focus on what they can accomplish when alive, it is equally important to consider what happens to our bodies upon death. I am a mortuary science major, which is a field that deals with the study of deceased bodies. This essay focuses on my expectations of completing the degree program and my future prospects as a funeral service professional.
Death is an unpredictable event. Mortuary science concerns itself with not only the cleaning and preservation of bodies, but also examining and paying respect to the human body, as well. However, not everyone can study mortuary science because it is very demanding with respect to time commitments and job responsibilities. It is a field that tests both the emotions and character of a person. A mortuary science student must study course in anatomy, pathology, physiology, restorative art, embalming methods or techniques, as well as business management. These courses, together with extensive training in communication skills, are important in the provision of reputable and reliable services to the public.
Serving the community is among my passions, and for years, I have dedicated myself to helping others. While being a mortician or a funeral director may…

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