Money Not Access to Resident Food Choices Revised

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Money Not Access to Resident Food Choices Revised

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Money, Not Access to Resident Food Choices in ‘Food Deserts’
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Using a Sociological Approach
Key findings and conclusions from the research
A research was conducted in North Carolina State University and Campbell University to determine if the main factor that prevents the choice of diet in food deserts is the lack of financial resources thus making it hard to acquire healthy foods. The results were positive, a lot of people preferred purchasing food in places where the cost was low (NC State University, 2017). No matter how far the shopping center was, people still preferred to go to a place where the price was lower as compared to the other shopping places. In this case, therefore, the lack of financial resources caused a lot of people to lack healthy foods. Financial resources are the key factor when it comes to the acquisition of food; when the financial resource is adequate, then the quality food acquisition is easy as opposed to inadequate financial resources.
How the research relates to sociological theory (functionalism)
Functionalism refers to a type of sociological theory which explains how society has aspects that depend on each other and these aspects are responsible for the way a society functions. Functionalism relates to the research in that the individuals in a society depend on the financial resources in order to acquire good food. Lack of financial resources, therefore, means that the places that offer …

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