Modern day slavery today human trafficking

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Modern day slavery today human trafficking

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Modern Day Slavery Today – Human Trafficking. The list of human rights violation is broad, but one of the most heinous criminal offenses has recently recaptured our attention; the trading of individuals for the benefit, otherwise known as human trafficking. Trafficking in people has existed since the beginning of civilization, but in the recent years the scourge of trafficking, or what people call modern-day slavery, has exponentially increased (Cullen-DuPont & Kathryn 22). It is due to globalization, the magnitude of poverty, organized crime, government corruption and the growth of the global commercial sex industry. Indeed, throughout history, various societies have managed to incorporate slavery or elements because of that, into their fabric, where human beings got invariably defined in law and practice as objects.
Although captivity is thought to be a subject put to rest, individual trafficking still prevails today throughout the world. Traffickers use power, scams to control other individuals due to entertaining in professional sex or pushing them to provide work solutions against their will. They use the assault, risks, scams, debt nipple play, and other tricky techniques to snare sufferers in dreadful circumstances every day in many States. All trafficking victims discuss one essential experience; the loss of independence. However, there are many types of man slavery Some are sold out for household slavery, others into sexual slavery and some are forced to join cu…

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