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Mix ‘n’ Match

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Scenario 1
Marketing objective
The driving marketing objective remains to enable San Franciscans to know more about Chinese dishes specifically the Yunnanese cuisine. Fulfillment of the desired objective is through the advancement of product awareness which entails increasing efforts in capturing the San Franciscans interests to try the Chinese cuisines dishes and know more about them.
Web marketing strategies
Customers are likely to be attracted by advertisements through:
Social media page of the restaurant which will upload views of Southern California customers who take Yunnanese cuisine food that might attract new San Francisco customers.
Online videos of types of ingredients which exist in the U.S. and used to prepare this type of dishes might bring more interest for them to try the dishes.
Scenario 2
Marketing objective
Getting customers outside of Monterey to access the items of clothing and yoga gears through brand expansion which results in increasing sales is the primary driving objective of the yoga lifestyle store. Achievement of the desired objective remains through acquiring customers.
Web marketing strategies
The company is likely to acquire more customer by:
E-mail text to the first acquired customers on the yoga gears demonstrations and the importance of the available clothing for the exercise enables more customers to come and therefore increased sales.
Paid online advertisement showin…

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