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I, Me and Myself
I have always engaged in many interactions with people that involve oral communication. In communication, there might exist some ethical issues such as interruptions of speeches. Most speeches are interrupted in different occasions such as when someone is making a comment or an important speech, perhaps to aboard or a meeting, there are chances of another speaker interrupting the speech and continuing with it by sidelining the original speaker. Sometimes a speaker might pause when communicating whereas some other person could think that he/ she has paused to allow room for completion of the speech which is not the case. Speakers who are not prepared, therefore, contribute to some of the interruption challenges.
In most cases, it appears to be lack of respect to someone’s opinion or curiosity in someone’s idea they should always be given a lot of time when communicating orally. Also, interruption demoralizes and demotivates speakers because they could not relate that they were being heard or they were playing a significant role in the speech. It is, therefore, worth for someone to get full attention from the audience and any other person when relating a message to people around or far away listening to them.
To conclude, I would like to present the idea that placement of communication skills measures would be fruitful in minimizing interruptions of speeches (Hay 34.46). It, therefore, requires a lot of attenti…

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