Media Effects Case Study

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Media Effects Case Study

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Impact of Social Media
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Impact of Social Media
Annotation 1
Fobian, A. D., Avis, K., & Schwebel, D. C. (2016). Impact of the Media utilization on the Adolescent Sleep Efficiency. Journal of the developmental and the behavioral pediatrics: JDBP, 37(1), 9-14. Retrieved from
Media plays a significant role in impacting a people’s economy, culture and social scope of viewing issues. However, the media also have negative impacts such as it affects the productivity of people. The rise in media use has several negative consequences, like decreased sleep time and increased fatigue.
This article focuses on how the media reduces sleep efficiency among adolescents. Hence a study was carried out to evaluate the link between sleep efficiency and excess use of media. Fifty-five teenagers finished self-report strategy regarding media use. Using actigraphy data collected for a week, sleep quality and sleep offset were derived. Sleep efficiency was concluded to have a negative relationship with the excessive use of media. Results support the integration of the use of media into teenagers’ sleep dysfunction, health interventions, prolonged sleep onset lag, and bedtime.
Another negative impact social media has on society is that there is increased online harassment like cyberbullying. Contemptuous people target innocent media users who are prone to their indecent acts like you…

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