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Marketing Applications

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Marketing Applications
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Ethical responsibilities of companies that sell foods accused of contributing to the “obesity crisis”
Companies in the fast food industries have been accused of contributing significantly to the obesity crisis. Therefore, they have ethical responsibilities that they should undertake as their part and role of addressing the obesity crisis. The food companies that market or sell their products to the two out of every three Americans who are obese have a significant social-ethical responsibility (Holm, 2007). Through their food preparations and ingredients, they contribute not only to the obesity crisis but also to billions of additional health care costs. The companies in the food industry, therefore, have the ethical responsibility of changing the nutritional content in foods and beverages and this will play a significant role in the fight of the obesity crisis. They should take the initiative to take up a leading role in activities to fight the obesity crisis.
Ethical responsibilities of the consumer and the government in foods accused of contributing to the “obesity crisis”
The consumers of foods from companies in the food industry have an ethical responsibility in the fight against the obesity crisis. This problem is almost completely preventable by consuming a proper diet and exercise regularly. Every individual chooses what they consume and therefore it is the ethical responsibility…

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