Marijuana should not be legalized

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Marijuana should not be legalized

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Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized
OutlineThesis statement: marijuana has adverse effects.
Introduction: marijuana is the most common abused drug globally. Debates on whether it should be legalized attract the attention of many scholars.
Most scientists have agreed that it should not be legalized.
Reasons why Marijuana should not be legalized
1.Clinical concerns: It is detrimental to health among the users
2.Insufficient parameters to regulate marijuana use: there is no clear parameter to regulate the use of marijuana.
3.An enormous drain on electric grids and environmental: indoor growing of marijuana accounts for approximately one percent of the total nation’s consumption of electricity. It also possesses an adverse impact on the environment.
A quick recap of the reasons as to why marijuana should be prohibited due to its negative effects
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The debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana has attracted the attention of many scholars over the recent past. In most instances, researchers have attributed the concept of legalizing marijuana to adverse effects among its users. Indeed the act of smoking marijuana should not be cheered in our contemporary societies. This is because its disadvantages outweigh its benefits. Some of the deduced outrageous effects of legalizing marijuana include an increase in crime, trafficking, and chronic health-related issues. Th…

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