Macroanalysis paper for Apple iPhone

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Macroanalysis paper for Apple iPhone

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Macroanalysis paper for Apple iPhone
iPhone is a gadget brought into existence by Apple Inc. developed to perform the mobile phone function, instant messenger and MP3 player (iPod) as it has been named by Apple Inc. The solution of innovation existing in iPhone was to do away with the traditional keyboard. A touchscreen was then replaced which was supported by the technology of Multi-Touch. With iPhone, the operation of everything is conducted by use of fingers and therefore stylus is not necessary. Wireless access to the internet is enabled by the iPhone through the WI-FI.
Macroeconomic Variables
Having a closer look at the three variables of macroeconomics which impact the demand or supply of Apple iPhone, what comes to my mind is a gross domestic product (GDP), unemployment and inflation. First and foremost, when taking a look at the GDP, we realize the measurement of market value performance of an economy within a country. This is typically done monthly for an updated information set. Close attention needs to be paid by Apple in the manner in which living standards are being measured in the U.S and what is available for the customers to spend. This is change impact on the rate of growth productivity (Brainard & Perry, 2005). The GDP is same as the total goods and services value generated during a year in a country. This, therefore, means that the growth of the economy is a maintainable rise in the goods and services amount generated …

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