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Conflict in the Play Macbeth
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Conflict is among the key themes Shakespeare has developed in his play titled The Tragedy of Macbeth. The theme is evident in two ways, namely, individual versus society-conflict and individual verses self-conflict. Shakespeare uses Kali who has a heritage background of Hindu to develop the individual versus society conflict. Kali is, however, a lesbian despite hailing from such a religious upbringing. She struggles to conceal her secret from Steve, who wants to marry her but unaware of her real sexuality.
Shakespeare also uses Macbeth to develop an individual verses self-conflict. In the play, Macbeth plots to execute King Duncan but his self and conscious tell him the otherwise. He, therefore, struggles very much with this thought. Macbeth, however, listens to his wife and proceed with his plan. On the way to execute King Duncan, Macbeth tells himself “Hear it not, Duncan; for it is a knell” (Shakespeare, n.d). This evidences that Macbeth is already decided to kill his King. Later, he later starts hearing voices and becomes paranoid due to remorse.
Apart from characterization, tone and symbolism are the drama elements which Shakespeare uses in the development of individual verses self-conflict. Throughout the entire play, a depressing and dark tone is present especially where Macbeth plots to kill King Duncan but appears to struggle with the thought. However, other people, including …

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