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Litracy/critical analysis

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Critical Analysis of ‘I am Malala’
‘I Am Malala’ is an autobiography, and it was written by Malala Yousafzai. It has its beginning based on the life of a young girl who calls modern Pakistan her home. Malala, who is a teenager, is very outspoken, and her interests are based on girl education importance and right. In her culture, this is not a topic that is taken lightly since girls are seen as submissive objects with no right to make their own decisions. She is thus a target for the Taliban, which is a religious group that upholds women roles from a different point of view from that of her own in the Pakistan society. On her way from school one day, she was shot in the head but she was able to recover at a British hospital, where she received adequate care and rehabilitation. Is girl education so wrong that we feel the need to kill its advocates?
In 1979, General Zia ul-Haq who is a former ruler of the military in Pakistan launched Islamization program that has since then created hardships for the women in the state. In that period, history dictates that many women were raped, and instead of justice being bestowed upon them, they were convicted of adultery. On the other hand, the men who were reported responsible for committing the inhuman acts were set free. That created legal loopholes where many criminals who had been arrested for various crimes were set free. With the resurgence of the Taliban in Pakistan in the present day, wom…

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