Literary Analysis (comparing two works through a central topic)

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Literary Analysis (comparing two works through a central topic)

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Literary Analysis (comparing two works through a central topic). This essay compares “In response to executive order 9066” (poem) by Dwight Okita to “Mericans” (short story) by Sandra Cisneros. Specifically, the essay explores the central theme of American identity in the two literary works. The “Mericans” is about a little girl who has a story about the new world and the old world. In this case, the new world is America. The young girl is prevented from entering the church where her grandmother has prayers. As a person from the old world, the young girl is not allowed to play with boys from the new world. On the other hand, “in response to executive order” by Dwight Okita is about Americans of Japanese origins that were supposed to report to relocation centers.
Comparing the works through the theme of American Identity
American identity is a central theme in “Mericans” as the little girl is caught between the new world of the United States and the old world of Mexico. The girl has an excellent story regarding her grandmother who prays in the house of worship. All her siblings are caught between the ancient world and the new world. The little children seem to be discriminated because they are from Mexico and do not have an American identity. People assume they do not understand English which is the language of instruction in America (Cisneros 1). Whenever people talk to them, they talk Spanish because they believe that the children cannot speak English. Ho…

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