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The Lion King Production
Behind every successful film, there is a very competitive production team. Lion King is one such film. The Lion King is an animated musical film that won several awards. Produced in Walt Disney in 1994, the production team burned the midnight oil with the aim of producing one of the most successful animation films. The idea of making the film was first conceived in 1988. However, actual production began in 1991, and the film was completed and released in 1994 (Barfield 46). The production team worked hard to produce the award-winning film. It was animated using a hand, signifying that animation cels, huge sheets of transparent plastic, were used to draw the film. Every animation cell represents one frame. The accepted frame rate is twenty-four frames per second. The Lion King film was produced with a similar frame rate (Barfield 46).
Additionally, the production team used computers to animate several scenes of The Lion King film. At the time, technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today, hence the production team would spend several months, sometimes years, to animate only one scene. With the limited technology, individuals producing the Lion King laboured for several years animating the scenes. For instance, the scene where there is a wildebeest stampede took two years to animate and required five technicians and animators (Marcus 159).
Besides, an animation film is not complete without good…

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