Life of Jacqueline Saburido

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Life of Jacqueline Saburido

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Interview with Jacqueline Saburido
When you have a glimpse of Jacqueline from a distance, she appears to be an old lady, as she has all those features such as a saggy neck, splotchy cheeks, and crumpled lips. But the moment she comes near, you would notice her with two ragged nostrils in the name of the nose and a hole as ears on the left side of her face, her amputated fingers and distorted eyes.
Jacqueline was not always like this; in fact, her friends and family remember her as a beautiful girl with smooth brown eyes and hairs, her voice and face always filled with joy. But the Jacqueline we currently know is entirely different, and not because of her age, but she had suffered from third degrees burn in a car crash. According to the discharge reports of the hospital, over 60 percent of her body was burnt, and her face, skin and hairs were melted when she was brought to the hospital (Roger and Celia 1). Doctor Dwyanne Roberts, who was on call, was completely charred beyond recognition the day Jacqueline was brought to the hospital because her eyes were totally exposed, and the eyelids were missing. For this reason, did not expect her to survive (Hafetz 2).
Jacqueline Saburido was born on December 20, 1978 and grew up in Caracas in Venezuela. She is the only daughter of her parents Amadeo and Rosalia, but after they had divorced, she stayed with her father. She lived an independent life just like a free bird who l…

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