libertarian and utilitarian theories

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libertarian and utilitarian theories

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Question one
There is a diametrical difference Libertarian and utilitarian. The Utilitarian is essentially concerned with the advancement of the human welfare stating that the society is supposed to be arranged in any fashion that achieves the best results in the society through a gigantic reorganization of wealth to the poor. On the other hand, the libertarians are of the opinion that the existence of the free market should be inherent and redistributive taxation violates the rights of property of the citizens. The theories differ in the temporal perspectives since the libertarian entitlement theory stipulates that justice should be a purely historical matter and is dependent on the way it came about while utilitarianism is purely forward-looking since justice is evaluated on the resultant consequences to benefit all people (Frederiksen, 2010).
Libertarianism is a political philosophy that encourages as little as possible with the citizens. The Utilitarian is concerned with moral theory stressing that the right thing should be done to result to the most utility. Therefore, the utilitarian’s maybe libertarians but not vice versa but there is nothing the formally connect them to one another.
There are incidences where a person can practice both libertarianism and utilitarianism. Utilitarianism doesn’t promote personal happiness since morality advocates for impartiality. Moreover, it doesn’t promote social happiness but to maximize it. At these scenarios, a person …

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