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“Letter to my motherland” inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s “Amar Desher Mati”
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Student’s Name
11th August 2018
Dear motherland
I hope this letter finds you making progress and developing above other nations.
I am writing to offer my gratitude from deep my heart for everything you have given me. It is through your sustenance that I have grown to be a blessing to others. Through your love, my soul blossoms with happiness and joy. You have provided me with a sweet, comforting environment which heals my soul whenever I feel worn out (Anjan, 2018). The evergreen environment filled with a flow of cool streams and rivers comforts my soul. When I wake up every day and listen to the sweet melodies of morning birds, all my sorrows and worries disappear.
You have been a great mother, who gave me more than I needed for survival. I live in a land filled with opportunities, a paradise with surplus foods and drinks. You have provided plenty of vegetables, fruits and cereals to fill my stomach, my relatives and share with the needy (Anjan, 2018). I am privileged to have a nurturing mother like you who has bestowed me with a gift of education. I have gathered the light of knowledge from the many schools, colleges, and universities you gave us. Been surrounded by great leaders, professors and saints have increased the wisdom in me and equipped me with life skills essential for making sound decisions. Altho…

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