Letter of Complaint

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Letter of Complaint

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Student’s Name,
Students Address.August 3, 2018.
Customer Service Manager,
Fledge Madonna Limited,
1267 Madonna,
Dear Sir,
I am writing this letter to attract your attention to the above title. On 12 January 2018, I received poor service and uncivilised behaviour from one of you. On that day, Mr. Longman, a representative of your company, visited me at my residence. He was two hours late for his appointment and offered no apology when he arrived in the evening. In addition to this, he did not remove his muddy shoes and thereby leaving a trail of dirt on my carpet. Mr. Longman then started presenting a variety of products that I had precisely told his assistant that I was not interested in. Over and over, I tried telling your representative that I had no particular interest in the products, but he did not respond to my pleas. Eventually, we ended our meeting after half an hour of accomplishing nothing.
I am irritated most since I wasted a morning waiting for Mr Longman to turn up. My impression of Fledge Madonna Company has been ruined. For this reason, I am worried about how your company is managing my business. Furthermore, Mr Longmans failure to take off his muddy shoes meant that I had to incur additional expenses to engage the services of a carpet cleaner.
Considering I have been with you since the company started, I believe that this is not the way to conduct business with esteemed customers (Ahmad et al. 19). I w…

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