Legalizing prostitution

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Legalizing prostitution

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Legalizing Prostitution
Legalizing prostitution
Prostitution as we all know has been there since time immemorial. It is by many referred to be the act of giving out sexual favors to the opposite sex in exchange for services, goods, materials or money (Shilts, 2011). The act is practiced in almost all the countries and basically in the entire world. Statistics shows that prostitution alone has net revenue of billions in returns as revenue to most prostitution practiced countries. This accumulatively denotes a positive impact on a country economy, as resources gained from the act are used internally. Nonetheless, prostitution practices are distinct and vary from nation to nation. As a matter of fact, prostitution is considered so ill of a crime in other countries that the ultimate consequence and price for it, is death. Such consequences are set based on a nation’s constitutional laws. Many reasons have been tabled for the need to legalize prostitution and at the same time cons have also been set for the desire of not legalizing the practice.
The advocacy to legalize prostitution has several supportive motions that critically dwell on the benefit of the country, workers involved and general welfare of the society. As much as it has opposing factors, the pros, on the other hand, dwell more on the need to make the practice legal through an outcry that is precise.
Reduction of violence and sex-related crimes
Since most sexual workers are women, the…

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