Law Breaches in the Workplace

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Law Breaches in the Workplace

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Law Breaches in the Workplace
The occupational law has witnessed some transformations over the years. Both employees and employers have their role to play to ensure a conducive working environment. In some cases, though, an employer may not meet the requirements of the law. I such cases, I feel that taking legal action by the employee is the right thing to do due to the reasons presented in this essay.
First and foremost, whenever there is a violation of an employee’s rights, the individual might experience psychological distress or may be faced with a work-related danger. For instance, when companies do not adhere to precautionary measures against accidents in a construction site, this poses a real threat to the laborers. The employee becomes unsatisfied with the job hence poor performance and negative attitude towards the position (Manxhari 236). If an employee is uncomfortable to work in such an environment until safety is guaranteed, it is deemed appropriate to seek legal help. Some may not be a physical danger but problems associated with aspects like minimum wage, overtime among other occupational issues. If employees remain reticent about it, then it will be taken as a norm and a hegemonic practice for employers in that they will never bother about employee rights.
Albeit some employees seeking personal gain, most workers who go for legal interventions in matters of employment are justified in their actions…

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