Language based activities in Teaching

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Language based activities in Teaching

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Comprehension Reading Activity

Comprehension Reading
Language Objectives
By the end of the forty minutes lesson duration the students should be able to:
• Develop the ability to read any material confidently to a group of people.
• Pronounce words correctly while reading which will facilitate better communication.
• Enhance their overall reading and listening skills.
Grade level: 8th grade
Duration: 40 minutes
Learners in the 8th grade have been experiencing communication difficulties which have inhibited their ability to express themselves adequately. This reading activity is designed to involve the entire class through taking turns while reading the comprehension passage loudly as the rest are listening. Secondly, the teacher should play short audio of reading, and then afterward ask the learners questions. The teacher should introduce this activity at the beginning of the lesson to provide adequate time for the learners to read and listen to the audio. Before this activity is undertaken, students should be informed in advance so that they can prepare adequately.
The teacher should guide learners on the steps of active reading. It may include pausing at the end of sentences, proper pronunciation and the importance of good listening habits when the other learners are reading (Fountas & Pinnell, 1996). After this guidance, the learners should then take turns reading the comprehension. Each st…

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