Landlord-Tenant Law

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Landlord-Tenant Law

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Legal rights of the tenant
1. To have the house in the right shape- In this case, there was a breach of this right where the property owner does not do anything possible to make sure that the tenant gets the house to be in the good shape. The roof keeps on leaking, and all that the landlord does is to mere give empty promises that he is seen not to deliver at all to the tenant (Miceli, 1997). Each time Roger calls Larry to inform him about the leak that is in the roof, all that the landlord states is that he will make sure the issue is sorted out, but then nothing is done to try and solve the situation that is at hand as such. This is indeed a show that the property owner has been in breach of the tenant’s right to access his house in the good shape as such. The tenant simply has the right to have a house that is in a good way and this is something that the property owner is fully aware of.
2. To make sure that he follows the conditions of the contract- From the scenario it can be seen that Larry who is the property owner, in this case, does not respect the conditions that do come along with the contract. It must not have been an express condition or warranty but rather a fact that Roger had signed the contract on the basis that the house was fully fine and had no leakage completely. The proposed tenant before getting to contract with the landlord specifically asked if the house had any leakages and in return the owner also sta…

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