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King Company

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King Company
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King Company
The King Company is a manufacturing business establishment that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality computer components and accessories for the tech industry. The company is located in the upper Midwest region. Founded in 1994 by the current Chief Executive Officer, Don Dean, the company has grown to one of the most reputable tech companies in the region. According to the recent employee data by the company’s human resource department, it has an employee base of 835 full-time employees across all its departments. Despite the latest downturn in the computer and tech industry, the company has not been affected by these changes in the industry as it continues to specialize in high-quality products. Additionally, the company is reported to have a small size customer base scattered across several regions in Asia and the United States. However, the management team of the company is considering to expand its market to Canada and other countries in Europe. This paper will provide a detailed analysis of the King Company case study, particularly focusing on the company’s organizational strategy, human resource activities, and the human resource strategic role in the company.
King’s Company Human Resource Department
In an attempt to analyze the issues pointed out in King’s Company human resource department, it is relatively important to understand the current situation of the entire departme…

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