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Kazoo lab

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Kazoo Lab
A kazoo is an instrument used to play music by producing a buzzing sound which is activated by a hum. An individual hums into the Kazoo activating the membrane’s vibration. The concept of making music using the membrane was traced back many years ago. It is believed that the concept was first used in Africa (Westphal 8). It was not until 1883 that the development of the modern kazoo was made in the United States. In the school laboratories, kazoos are made to demonstrate that sound can not only be heard but also it can be seen, felt and manipulated to increase or reduce its frequency.
For one to prepare a kazoo, it will require having a cardboard tube paper towel, approximately 7.5cm of square waxed paper, an elastic band, and paint. After acquiring these materials; at one end of a cardboard tube, wrap the waxed paper, tighten it with the elastic band and ensure that it totally covers the end to prevent any air from going out or coming in (Westphal 8). Finally, make a hole with a blunt object like a pen at one end of the cardboard below the waxed paper.
When an individual hums into the open side of the kazoo, there are vibrations which originate from his vocal cord that is transferred through the tube making the air molecules to vibrate. When the vibrations reach the waxed paper, they are amplified, making additional vibrations (Westphal 8). It is worth noting that the K…

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