just answers the questions please where you find the answers

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just answers the questions please where you find the answers

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What is a religion?
Religion can be defined as an essential set of practices and beliefs usually unanimously agreed by a specific group of people. The beliefs involve devotional observances and explanation of the purpose of the universe (Crawford 3).
Define “indigenous religion.”
Indigenous religion is a set of beliefs accompanied by practices of some supernatural being but is only confined or common to a particular area or geographical region.
Describe and discuss the theoretical, sociological, and practical aspects of Hinduism.
Hinduism is a religion whose believers worship a variety of gods and goddesses. The three Gods who rule the world are Braham, Vishnu’s and Shiva. Not all Hindus worship these Gods; some only worship the goddesses. The Gods have idol representation that the people use while praying. The twist is that though the Hindus worship different idols they believe in one God and the various Gods and Goddesses as representations of the same Supreme Being (Lipner 4).
Describe the basic teachings of Buddhism, and how the practice of Buddhism has evolved at different times and places.
The teachings of Buddha involve telling the believers that nothing is lost in the universe, how everything changes, the laws of cause and effect also known as ‘Karma.’ After Buddha passed on his flock, split into two; one group that was genuinely sad about his death and the other was glad he wa…

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