Jonestown Massacre Case

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Jonestown Massacre Case

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Jonestown Massacre Case: Social Psychology
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Religion is considered to be among the strongest elemental factors that affect the overall being of the society. The capacity of humans to think matters through is what makes religions relatively affective especially when it comes to determining the most convening effects of how suspected reactions are pushed through especially through making a definite impact on how improved systems of determining social reactions is directed accordingly. In the case of the Jonestown massacre, the suicide of the masses specifically made a definite insistence on how mind-direction is used by a religious leader who has been noted for his power to affect the thinking pattern of his members, making it easier for him to insist on the people to react differently on the situation as would normal individuals would.
Through investigation, psychologists were able to find a relative foundation that connects the case with the most controversial points of psychology and how the theories that identify the foundations of human behavior actually affect the being and the thinking of each individual accordingly. Among the theories of developmental behavior looked upon in this case includes the ideas behind conformity. Conformity basically insists on the manner by which human individuals involve themselves in the point of subjecting to group pressure; for instance, the most basic point of development seen to have fol…

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