Issues in Family

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Issues in Family

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Issues in the Family (Divorce)
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Humans are the product of the relationship between the man and a woman (Foran, 2013). Parents help in nurturing children with the assistance of environmental factors. This factor evident that our generation is the product of the relationship that exists between a man and woman. This union forms the family as depicted by our societal norms and beliefs. Although, relations have become vital in our contemporary societies, they are very hectic to maintain and manage as individuals will always conflict each other (Arditti, 2015).
Family issues have overwhelmed the society, and, therefore, the legislative arm has enacted certain precepts to help curb this defect so as to have well-organized families. This step supports the fact that the outrageous family wrangles/problems will always affect the children both psychological and morally. Family issues are usually catastrophic as they do not result in any good for either party. They are characterized by depression, frustration, anger, shame, fear, and anxious feelings shown by the affected individuals.
Some of the significant examples of family issues/ problems may include divorce, separation, drug and substance abuse, financial problems, bullying, and harassment. What should be noted is that the intensity of these issues vary and not all the families experience such shortcomings. Ideological differe…

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