Women’s Rights are Human Rights by Hillary Clinton

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Women’s Rights are Human Rights by Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton’s Speech
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Hillary Clinton’s Speech.
The speech, “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” was delivered by Hillary Clinton the then first lady of the US on 5th September 1995 in Beijing China during the 4th UN women plenary session. The speech is recognized as crucial in enhancing a candid acknowledgment of the rights of women as human rights in the global sphere (Clinton, 1995). The posture and body language of Clinton as she gave the speech depicts a person who was very bitter about the inequalities which were being meted on women. Incidentally, Clinton graced the occasion on a pink skirt which pictured feminine as she gave the speech entitled promotion of women’s rights and their recognition as an essential gender in social, political and economic spheres. The speech focused on highlighting the various abuses which women were being subjected to globally. It was deeply sad, and some of the examples which Clinton gave made the attendants identify with the issues raised. Women were considered a lesser gender which caused them to suffer many cases of abuse (Clinton, 1995). In this perspective, Clinton focused on the rights of women to education, good healthcare, equal opportunities in employment. She argued about the importance of women equality while applying powerful techniques to deliver a powerful, convincing and persuasive speech.
Clinton significantly used emotions to deliver the persuasive speech. Through her facial e…

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