Is English an universal language (Lingua Franca)?

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Is English an universal language (Lingua Franca)?

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Is English a universal language?
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English is the most used language internationally. It has been used as a language that unites people in different transactions and activities. This could be attached to the reason that English is quite an easy language to understand and speak. The organization of the letters has a simplified format that any person keen to learn would understand. It is the most used language in movies, music, and most world plays. Although English is simple, it also has numerous vocabularies that anyone interested in learning has to learn. It is easy to learn the language depending on the purpose the person learning will use it for. However, English is a universal Language since it is used in all international forums and platforms.
One of the early nations that used the English language was the US, who knew they could easily use the language to colonize the other nations. The British also who occupied a large percentage of the world also had a great influence in the use of English as a language of doing business. In the 21st century, every order including sciences now uses English, and this applies to most other professions that were previously dominated by other languages universally. Nowadays most scientific reports and journals will be done in English so that they can receive a universal reception. In the past few centuries, there was an extensive usage of Arabic which potentially go…

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